Your Feedback from the Art, Revolution & Ownership Event

“Well, I thought the calibre of the discussion & work presented in the Tiki lounge was just great. The space wasn't that suitable -- hot & crowded, however picturesque. As for the exhibits, others will know better than I, but it didn't appear that a lot of people saw the art. I'm not sure it was the best venue, though I don't know the town, and was only there on 2 occasions….”


Creative Commons license upheld in Germany

Thanks to Creatve Commons for letting us know about the German case in which the CC-BY-SA license was upheld.  From Mike's post:

The photo  . . . . was used without providing attribution to the photographer and without providing notice of the license used, both core requirements of all CC licenses. This is an exciting ruling for CC, as the attribution and notice requirements are very clearly stated and upheld.


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