Copyright is not a War

As we ready for a new Copyright Act let us not forget that this is not a war.   My students at Emily Carr  found the framing of copyright as a war polarizing and unproductive in RiP: A Remix Manifesto.  RiP while interesting as a story, is one with which I have many disagreements.  In particular I have taken issue with the representations of "remix" culture as a war.  Most of my students, like many emerging creators, want to have a conversation that does not set them up as either on one side of a war or another.     I

PMO to announce changes to Copyright Act

Today, I heard from a friend that a new Copyright Act is indeed imminent.  As anyone who has watched my appearance at the Toronto Town Hall Copyright Consultation my own views are two-fold: first, that whatever is done we need public legal education on copyright for creators, users and everyone in between.  Second, after reading multitudes of submissions and talking to many people smarter than I I actually think we need less law not more.  By that I mean we simply don't yet know where this technology is taking us.  If anything there is an enormous diversity of views out there within the cre

Copyright Criminals: Screenings this weekend

Copyright Criminals from IndiePix on Vimeo.

Join us for two screenings of Copyright Criminals, a documentary that takes an in-depth look at the history of music sampling. Featuring artists such as Clyde Stubblefield. George Clinton and Chuck D, the film asks the question: can you own a sound?


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