Saskatchewan takes a giant step forward

Last month the Government of Saskatchewan took a major leap forward  beyond every other province by passing an Arts Profession  Act.  To implement the new legislation, the Government of Saskatchewan worked closely with industry associations to develop a comprehensive, tailored and needs-based educational and awareness strategy.  The goal is to enhance contract knowledge and use among artists and those who hire, engage or contract their services.

News from Creative Commons

Recently I have been receiving e-mails from my friends at Creative Commons.  Apparently ASCAP in the US has written a fundraising letter to supporters that misstate the mission of Creative Commons.  This is unfortunately all too common in an environment where copyright is presented as a war between factions (left and right, right and wrong).  In response to this letter Lawrence Lessig said:

Bill C-32

Here is the proposed Act The federal government website has been created  here.  The Canadian Conference for the Arts has posted here.  We are trying to organize a forum with the Vancouver community - creators and beyond.  get in touch if you are interested. 


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