Student Volunteer Form

Please see the Volunteer page for information on the activities of the ALO's volunteers.

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Professional Responsibility
In providing legal services, all volunteers of the Artistsʼ Legal Outreach are expected to maintain the same level of professional and ethical standards as practicing lawyers. Review the Professional Conduct Handbook here.
Duty of Confidentiality
Safekeeping of the clientsʼ personal and business information includes the duty of confidentiality. While you may discuss the content of the file with the ALO lawyers, you MUST NOT engage in indiscrete conversations or gossip about the clientsʼ matters. Files are not to be removed from the Alliance office and must be stored in the filing drawer. You must keep the clientsʼ files secure and must not leave them lying around. If you are attending a clinic, it is the studentsʼ responsibility to ensure the file drawer is locked at the end of the evening.
This tests whether you really are an artist in need of legal aid and not just some spambot.