The ALO has created handouts for a number of its workshops. All handouts are in PDF format.

Please note that the information provided below should be viewed as general information only, not legal advice. Copyright and trade-mark are complex subjects and the information on this page is only a brief introduction. If you have a legal or business issue, we recommend that you consult a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the area in question to obtain tailored legal advice.

What's In a Name? The Do's and Don'ts of Trademark and Copyright for Non-Profits
Using the PuSh Festival as a case study, this comprehensive handout examines the legal implications of trademarks and copyright, and provides guidance on uses of both. September 2008.
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10 Things to Know About the Olympic and Paralympic Marks Act
In 2008, the ALO presented a workshop on the Olympic and Paralympic Marks Act. The workshop addressed the legality around using Olympic trademarks in artwork. November 2008. October 2008.
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Making Art Public: Artists, the Law, and the Making of Art in Public Spaces
This workshop provided an overview of some of the intricacies involved in public art.
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