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Artists Legal Outreach on CTV November 27th

A few weeks ago I gave an interview to CTV consumer reporter Linda Steele about allegations of copyright infringement by local artist  after finding reproductions of her work for sale at a store in Tsawassen.  You can see the story here: .

Legislative Committee on Bill C-11: Our appearance March 7th at 3:30 pm est

I am scheduled to appear March 7th, 2012 before the Parliamentary Committee on Bill C-11. You can watch it here: The previous letter on C-32 can be found at For those who are interested here is the body of the letter sent to the Committee on Bill C-11.

National Gallery of Canada negotiated in bad faith with artist groups

The CAPPRT Tribunal issued its long-awaited decision in the dispute between CARFAC and the National Gallery. The Tribunal found that the Gallery's refusal to negotiate fees for the digital exhibition rights was bad faith.

Art is not Information

This morning I listened to a Swedish Church of Copinism.  Information is holy - all information is philosophically the same in their view and file sharing is a religious ritual.  When asked whether all information was equally valuable he said no but there was no follow-up.  So it seems we are in fact gadgets or a collection of 0's and 1's. 


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